Welcome to the Legacy but upgraded Infinity Internet Webmail!

We had planned to migrate all of our webmail to a newer platform. We quickly learned that there were differing opinions about what is better. We have installed the most recent version of squirrel mail and were able to put it on new hardware.

If you would like to try our newer platform click here or keep the legacy platform we want to make it easy on you so we now have both options.

New Webmail.

Webmail is provided as a temporary solution for checking email online. It is offered as a convenience to our customers in situations such as when traveling or when away from your personal computer.

All email should be downloaded and cleared from the server using an email client software such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc. If you need help setting up your email client software to download emails please click here.

For system performance reasons, Infinity Internet reserves the right to restrict server mail storage to 30 days. Mail storage on customers' own local systems (meaning downloaded off of the Infinity servers and onto a personal system) is completely under customers' control.